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A Consumer's Window to the American Funeral, Related Affairs, and Incidentals


CW is NOT simply another of the many books that propose to explain the psychology surrounding death and dying. It should be understood that this work takes a different course and addresses the many matters of funerals and related affairs instead.
Beginning with, and with important emphasis on, planning: CW includes: wills, pour over wills, living wills, livings trusts, durable general (financial) powers of attorney, durable medical powers of attorney, and other aspects of funeral planning - before, at the time of death, and the aftermath.
CW concentrates and creates an entire picture from those beginnings. It is a "tells-it-all" aid to those serious thinkers who recognize the need for organization. CW is intended to make itself known in that spirit; it is the only book of its kind.
Being all inclusive in matters of funerals, CW takes the consumer on a complete tour of funerals and related affairs.
In short, CW presents an overall picture; A one and only all inclusive funeral reference for the family library.
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A Consumer's Window to the American Funeral
Related Affairs and Incidentals

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