All inclusive look at funeral affairs

A Consumer’s Window to the American Funeral and Related Affairs is an all inclusive look at funeral affairs.

It’s a road map designed to create consumer wisdom within those matters.  Like no other, it does that by simply “telling it like it is” in easy to read, cross reference, dictionary form.  All you need do is locate the topic of concern in the index and follow the related articles.

A Consumer’s Window is NOT another of the many books that propose to explain the psychology surrounding death and dying.  It takes a DIFFERENT course by addressing the many matters of funerals and related affairs instead.

With those concerns and in the interest of the consumer, A  Consumer’s Window faithfully discusses today’s typical funeral:

  • Practices
  • Activites
  • Pricing

It examines:

  • Pay-in-advance funerals
  • Alternatives to the traditional funeral
  • The very important matter of related affairs

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