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Bernard Lovend
Bernard A. Lovend

It was said that Mr. Lovend was ahead of his time when he wrote the consumer's funeral affairs digest in 1971. Not embraced by the funeral industry, it stressed itemization and options 12 years before Federal Regulations made those matters required consumer information.

"A Consumer's Window to the American Funeral, Related Affairs and Incidentals," updated and far more complete, continues, now as then, to have obligations to the consumer and only to the consumer.

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About the Best Funeral Guide: A Consumer's Window to the American Funeral

Simply put: A Consumer's Window is your complete funeral resource between two covers.

A Consumer’s Window has no obligations to and does not favor or spare the interests of funeral directors,  cemeterians, casket and outer burial container manufacturers, and other associated members of the funeral industry; it simply “tells it all like it is.”

A Consumer’s Window is written by a long experienced, independent licensed funeral director noted for his interest in consumer funeral matters, with NO FAVORITISM towards the industry.  Please consult:  About the Author following this presentation.

A Consumer’s Window does not avoid the many questions.  Some examples:

  • What are the alternatives and actions one may take to avoid the typical funeral and its services? if one desires.
  • What about the purchase of a casket from someone other than a funeral director?
  • Is it wise to place thousands of dollars of Pre-need Funeral Funds in the hands of a funeral director? There are no federal regulations governing those dollars.

    1. Is it wiser to place those funds in “totally” consumer controllable instruments, like bank investments or insurance investments, such as an annuity?
    2. What are the advantages and disadvantages?

  • What about Non-declinable Charges that usually represent the largest part of funeral expenses:

    1. What do they include, and what may they include?
    2. What part do they play in total cost, and how are they managed by the funeral director in order to guarantee coverage of overhead costs and desired return on investment?

  • What about inferences that the so-called Protective Casket and Outer Burial Container promises permanent protection?
  • What about the matter of:

    1. Creating a Living Will, which declares one’s private medical preferences during time of incapacity.
    2. Granting Durable Medical Power of Attorney to a trusted individual, which keeps the court from interfering with one’s medical preferences during time of incapacity.
    3. Granting Durable General (financial) Power of Attorney to a trusted individual, which eliminates court interference in financial matters during time of incapacity.

Can’t those matters be taken care of conveniently, economically, and without court interference?

And what about our estate?  Is it in order?  If not, probate court with all its officers and expenses will get in the middle of it and muddle up our grandest intentions. It is estimated that considerably more than 50% of U.S. citizens do not have a will or living trust; if we die without a will, the state will decide who inherits our estate. Shouldn’t we be organized to prevent the intrusion of probate court?

A Consumer’s Window reminds us about those important documents that guarantee one's right to privacy and non-interference as well as about other matters that should be given our immediate attention:

  • A Will transfers one’s estate to intended individuals with so-called “guidance of the court.”
  • A Revocable Living Trust does the same as a will, but very importantly, without court interference.
  • A Pour over Will provides for assets overlooked and left out of the Living Trust to “pour” into the trust after death.

Can’t those matters be taken care of conveniently, economically, and without court interference?
It is no secret that lack of personal organization is the reason we have so many probate court judges.

So, can we find a source that allows us to see all the elements necessary to organize and understand all the matters, or lack thereof, of the American Funeral as well as Related Affairs?

A Consumer’s Window does just that: It was created and designed to remind us of all the many areas of concern before, at the time of, and following the event of death.  It is the original consumer’s one-of-its-kind funeral dictionary, since it touches on everything we ought to be aware of before we visit the funeral director as well as how to avoid the funeral director altogether, should we so desire.  A worthy addition to the family library.

A Consumer’s Window is written in the complete interest of the consumer and only the consumer.  It is not another of the many books that propose to explain the psychology surrounding death and dying, but rather it addresses the many matters of funerals and related affairs instead:  A unique tool that provides a window of insight, enabling the consumer to deal with the funeral director, if decided to do so, with actual knowledge of encompassing circumstances.

Based on its complete and organized insight and reminders, it presents a common sense challenge to recognize the inevitability of death and, by "telling it like it is," allows the consumer to bring organized awareness of the many important matters that are, sadly, too often overlooked.

All we need do is look in the index to find the area of concern and follow the related articles. Please tell your family and friends about A Consumer’s Window.  They will thank you.

Based on Mr. Lovend's many years of experience and consumer oriented insistence on "telling it like it is," for those who seriously want to know, all 458 articles contained within 351 pages are available in A Consumer's Window to the American Funeral, Related Affairs, and Incidentals at a cost of $29.00, plus shipping.

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A Consumer's Window to the American Funeral
Related Affairs and Incidentals
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