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Bernard Lovend
Bernard A. Lovend

It was said that Mr. Lovend was ahead of his time when he wrote the consumer's funeral affairs digest in 1971. Not embraced by the funeral industry, it stressed itemization and options 12 years before Federal Regulations made those matters required consumer information.

"A Consumer's Window to the American Funeral, Related Affairs and Incidentals," updated and far more complete, continues, now as then, to have obligations to the consumer and only to the consumer.

About the Author

Mr. Lovend graduated from Worsham College of Mortuary Science in Chicago, Illinois, in 1961. After successfully accomplishing the National Conference of Funeral Service requirements, he was active within all matters of funeral services and activities in both the Chicago and Detroit areas before beginning construction in 1966 of a modern mortuary in Waterford, Michigan (north of the Detroit area), which became one of the largest and most active funeral homes in its area at that time.

Loveland Funeral Home was not a 2nd or 3rd generation enterprise. It was not simply handed down from father to son/daughter (as is most often the case) or purchased as an established entity. Instead, it was necessary to experience all the rigors of planning it, begging its financing, and seeing to its construction as well as to enduring the strain of years of development. One might say a "fully earned" expression of the title "funeral director."

Being dedicatedly independent and consumer minded, in 1971 Mr. Lovend authored the informative, consumer-oriented funeral digest, entitled Insight, a Gift of Understanding, before federal regulations made many funeral matters required consumer information in 1984.

Insight was written and intended for funeral director distribution to serve as an assist to the consumer; it was highly recommended by Mortuary Management and Esco Professional, both prominent national funeral directors' magazines, as being that of a most complete bearer of valuable organized information of benefit to the consumer.

In cooperation with Mortuary Management, Insight was made available for funeral director distribution to serve as an assist to the consumer. Many single copies were purchased by funeral directors nationwide. Not a single second copy was reordered. (It is left to the consumer's reasoning as to why.)

Years before the Federal Trade Commission imposed itemization regulations (the Funeral Rule) upon the funeral director in 1984, Mr. Lovend was a professed advocate of funeral service itemization amid much local funeral director controversy, as witnessed by the front page feature story appearing in the daily newspaper, The Oakland Press, on February 2, 1976.

Insight is succeeded by the expanded, up to date A Consumer's Window to the American Funeral, Related Affairs, and Incidentals. It is available directly to the consumer and not dependent on funeral director distribution.

Based on Mr. Lovend's many years of experience and consumer oriented insistence on "telling it like it is," for those who seriously want to know, all 458 articles contained within 351 pages are available in A Consumer's Window to the American Funeral, Related Affairs, and Incidentals at a cost of $29.00, plus shipping.

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