A Consumer's Window to the American Funeral, Related Affairs, and Incidentals


About Consumer's Window:

Webster's Dictionary certainly permits me to use the word unique, meaning the only one of its kind, because in fact - Consumer's Window is: the only one of its kind! It is DISCLOSURE in a unique manner:

Consumer's Window is a 351 page - 458 articles - all inclusive
encyclopeida that I have written based on my many years'
experience within the industry and, importantly, without
obligation or apologies to the funeral industry.

By presenting the background, inner workings and economics of funeral home and funeral industry operations, Consumer's Window explains everything the consumer wants to know - before, at the time of, and following the event of death - enabling the consumer to deal with the funeral director on the consumer's own terms.

The contents of Consumer's Window, for consumer-use, will not be found in any funeral home. As from the funeral business standpoint: why need it be? - They own the facilities along with all the playing cards.

Consumer's Window is found at the Detroit Public Library as well as at the many great municipal public libraries within the surrounding metropolitan area, making the area's consumers - those who really care - the best funeral-informed in the united States.


A few examples:
  • The effective way to compare and control the cost of a funeral
  • The logical boundaries of pay in advance funerals
  • Alternatives to the traditional funeral
  • Important Related Affairs and much, much more
  • 351 pages to dependably inform as well as entertain


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A Consumer's Window to the American Funeral
Related Affairs and Incidentals

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